Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nadine Jansen Car Driving

what you put on? The

Let's see, today I wear a series, and enough. Well I would say that is enough, whereas the series in question ... Important, very important ... To be combined with a simple tank top and low-cut enough, a simple skirt, a pair of sandals and no other jewelry ... Yeah, because maybe it would further load the look too, but mainly because this series does not allow addressing of any kind, wants sovereign and undisputed triumph, and if you do not like to be the center of attention as well let it be, with this you can not go unnoticed .. . and not on, I'm not pulling me, I say simply that willy-nilly she is the host ... In short, it is unnecessary for me to find words squeezes so beautiful and compelling, I maybe a bit 'too much, maybe just a crazy as me if I would put it around his neck, do not you?


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